Factor analysis of mixer design
Factor analysis of mixer design
News Source:   2017-03-23 16:07:44

  The usual considerations in the design of the mixer are the energy density (W/m3) and the overall flow velocity (m/s), especially in wastewater treatment. As new and efficient mixing systems have appeared, energy density standards have been turned to indicate maximum energy consumption.

  The effective agitation is obtained under the overall flow condition, and the whole medium in the tank is moving and becomes part of the mixing process. The overall flow rate is usually 0.15 to 0.35m/s and is now often used as a design parameter for agitation. Since there is no problem of how to correctly define and measure the flow velocity required for a channel without a circular channel, it is not enough to specify a whole flow velocity in academia. Until today, the overall rate is still the most feasible sewage treatment to the general condition of stirring method for the quantitative analysis, and the deposition, live volume, sludge distribution uniformity parameters to quantify the degree of agitation work is ongoing.

  The whole flow is driven by the momentum of the jet of the mixer, which is basically the reaction thrust of the mixer, and the position of the mixer and the mixer decide the flow form. If the position of the mixer and the thrust required in an application and the thrust data of the mixer are known, the equipment selection can be carried out accordingly.