Characteristics of two speed agitator
Characteristics of two speed agitator
News Source:   2017-03-23 16:07:44

  In the chemical industry, many reactions with complex technological processes involve the mixing of highly viscous fluids with low viscosity fluids, emulsification of highly viscous fluids, and dispersion of other substances in highly viscous fluids. Large diameter low speed agitator (such as traditional frame agitator, anchor agitator, ribbon agitator etc.) macro mixing problems can only be solved with high viscosity fluid, and the degree of dispersion is a serious shortage, so many of the unit operations required by stirring a long time to achieve the purpose, the mixing quality and efficiency is very low; and turbine agitator is a typical representative of the many small diameter and high speed mixer has excellent dispersion performance, but its scope is small, stuck in the wall of the cylinder body material can not fully transfer and stirring area of the material, resulting in part of the material has not fully dispersed and mixed.

  MG series coaxial mixer, mixer equipment inside and outside the different functions of the two kinds of speed independent operation, can be attached to the wall and eliminate the viscous material agglomeration and agglomeration and precipitation, suitable for all kinds of material dispersion, dissolution, emulsification, condensation reaction, complex process. The equipment is widely used in petrochemical, pesticide, fine chemical, polymer polymerization, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, dyes, coatings, water treatment and other industries.


  The structure characteristics of MG series coaxial mixer is composed of two independent coaxial mixer, the structure of MGB coaxial mixer as shown by the main auxiliary motor, cycloid reducer, worm reducer, container, frame agitator, inner turbine agitator etc.. The difference between the structure of the MGR coaxial emulsification mixer and that of the MGB coaxial mixer is that the mixer changes the inner turbine mixer into a high shear emulsification head for a system with a strong dispersion and emulsification requirement.

Working principle:

  External MG series coaxial mixer frame agitator is a low-speed, near wall push, it is connected with the hollow shaft motor through a transmission mechanism, the stirrer set horizontal angle baffle, suitable for mixing high, medium and low viscosity medium, and play the role of heat transfer enhancement; fast dispersion the multilayer turbine agitator or emulsifying head is suitable for various kinds of materials, two kinds of complementary impeller determines MG series coaxial mixer has notable features for a variety of complex reaction system.

  As shown in figure A, in a separate action frame agitator, the material to macro mixing evenly in the kettle range, but its dispersion is low; in figure B, the material in the inner stirrer alone, dispersion increased rapidly, but its scope is small, the kettle wall material can not be fully the dispersion of MG series mixer; comprehensive characteristics of the two kinds of agitator, agitator kettle wall material in the frame under the action of shear continuous mixer is fed into the inner layer, the material is dispersed and rapidly distributed to each region, so as to make the material have reached full tank mixing in macro and micro


 No mixing dead zone.

 Good mixing quality and high mixing efficiency.

 The heat transfer ability can be greatly improved.

 The inner and outer blades can be continuously changed according to requirements, so that the mixer is more flexible.

 Adapt to the mixing requirements of a variety of complex processes and mediums, especially suitable for mixing and dispersing high viscosity fluids with other media.

 General heat transfer mode such as ordinary jacket, spiral plate jacket or semicircle coil can be adopted.

 The frame agitator can be equipped with scraper to prevent the material sticking on the wall and improve the heat transfer efficiency.

Application example:

  MG series coaxial mixer can be suitable for a variety of complex reaction system, the typical application of silicone oil emulsion, chlorinated polybutadiene rubber, casein, leather fatliquoring agent, PU adhesive and MBS condensation water production, has a very significant effect.